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Welcome to Distinctive Landscaping, Inc. where our years of experience and attention to detail give our customers the highest quality landscaping services around. Our specialty is low-maintenance landscaping for residential and commercial properties. We are a Huntsville landscaping company that specializes in design, installation and maintenance of patios, walkways, retaining walls, irrigation/sprinkler systems and landscape illumination. We have many large customers including Huntsville Botanical Garden, Calhoun Community College and The Huntsville International Airport, but have no fear we are never to big for all your residential needs. We are 100% Alabama state certified, licensed, and insured.


Huntsville Patio Services

Your patio can be a small step out into a large yard or a winding path that leads you on a unique adventure into a glorious garden. Whatever your dream is we would love to help you imagine and make it into reality. Our staff will take it from designs to yard and help you pick out the best suited materials for your specific needs and budget. With our top notch installation crew we promise you will be absolutely thrilled with our work for years to come. […]

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Alabama Irrigation Systems

All the parts of your yard and garden require water, and it can be a hassle to haul out hoses and sprinklers day in and day out. Not to mention how distracting from the natural beauty those hoses are. That is where an installed irrigation system really shines, hidden and automated, all you have to do is set it and watch as your garden and yard’s water needs are handled. Our professional irrigation services offer a guarantee in the most efficient use of water, so that your staying as green as possible. […]

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Landscape Design Professionals

Not only do we help install the hardscaping and landscaping elements that turn your lawn into a beautiful oasis, we help you design the plans to make it perfect. We work with you to realize the vision yo have for your yard and plan it with complete detail. We understand what it is like to want a beautifully landscaped yard but are unsure of where to start. Our expert designers are here to help with that.

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Landscape Lighting

The frosting on the cake for your newly landscaped yard is a custom set up landscape lighting systems. It accents focal points on your lawn and helps keep you and your family safe by illuminating walkways and potential tripping hazards for your evening strolls. We professionally evaluate where your lighting will work the best and help install them with ease.

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Why Hire Distinctive Landscaping

Often we think of landscaping and hardscaping as a do it yourself kind of project to save money. What we don’t realize is that there are a lot of factors that can take affect on our projects over time causing our hard work to loose it’s beauty and value quickly. Erosion and run off, improper materials, bad placement, wrong plant types, and a host of other problems can cause even the most simple projects to go bad quickly.

Distinctive Landscaping has the experience and the training to know how to avoid these mistakes and to make your dreams stay beautiful for years. we would much rather have you happy from the start than have to fix your projects later, although we will do that for you too! So if you have the dream of a gorgeous yard, hardscape, or landscape call us today! […]


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